Medieval Weekend

Week-end Médiéval

Week-end Médiéval

Next edition on July 27 and 28, 2024!

Unicorn Company

Show, or artistic, fencing;

Form of fencing used in cinema or theater in which we seek technique, beauty of gesture and action. Each weapon pass is carefully prepared and regulated like a ballet.
The objective being to communicate emotions to the spectator through the handling of weapons.

The skits;

The skits and performances include historical information, action and the humor necessary for the good atmosphere of your party. Young or old, laymen or enthusiasts, everyone will find something to enjoy.

The love of the stage gave us the desire to diversify into the performing arts, such as juggling.

The camp:

Made up of quality reproductions of tents, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in life in the Middle Ages.

It serves as a setting during the spectacular passages, but above all, as a place of meeting and exchange.

Furnished and decorated: dormitory, kitchen, weapons, craftsmen, etc.

Permanently populated and lively.

Educational exhibitions:

Since information about the Middle Ages is sometimes vague and difficult to assimilate, we offer an experimental vision of history, through educational and historical spaces led by welcoming and specialized characters. A friendly local place, accessible to scholars and children.

See, touch, listen, smell, taste, to understand better.

The subjects offered are: daily life, medieval weaponry and its evolution, blacksmithing.

The minstrels
Our objective being to make the music of the troubadours resonate, we devote ourselves to a long work of reconstruction (notations and lyrics), according to period documents.
As soon as we appear, the audience feels transported, thanks to joyful and catchy melodies, to the living Middle Ages.

He is a conjuring magician.

He will amaze visitors with sensational numbers.

Magic, pranks, and stories…
A fabulous artist who appeals to young and old alike.

The Condroz Little Hikers Company

Animations on medieval table games, visitors will be able to try the games. Participation in the spectacle of the assault on the castle.
Arduina (new)

Duo of musicians in the castle.
Let the sounds of the Ardennes resonate!
The companions of Rougemont


The sign: small object generally sewn on clothing or on a leather purse. He identified his corporation, his profession, his belonging to a region, a taunt or mockery
Continuous animation where tin is poured to create buckles, buttons and other decorative signs for clothing,
Calligraphy and illumination

Highlight ideas, sciences, prayers, laws and others but also keep a trace or a reminder of these...
The work of this beautiful writing and color requires great concentration, purity of gestures, and constant repetition. What ink, what tools, what materials, pigments? But also what supports?

Candle making

Only way to light up.
Everyone made their candles with various materials.
We still use them.

Not forgetting the armored fighters on show.
Popolino, the acrobat

It combines humor, juggling, music…
This juggler, prankster takes great pleasure in self-mockery and knows how to attract and keep an audience in suspense.
Talking diabolos and clubs above the spectators, so get down, who juggles high, threatens his audience!!!


These villains, scroungers and poor people beg at random from the wealthiest passers-by.
Be careful, the knights are watching, they cannot go further than their makeshift camp. Nothing to sell except a face with warts, a dirty hand held out for a coin.
God will reward you, hopefully.

Company Philémon France

He returns …
Extraordinarily funny jester.
It combines grimaces, humor, juggling, contortions…
It comes to us from Besançon.
But who will this jester be?

Aldebaran, Triboulet, Zébulus!!!
Skayrich New

For the concert, Neo-medieval and Irish group
They sing like old sea dogs and they play acoustic music with medieval and pirate sounds.

La Maisnie Hellequin New

Belgian group of medieval heavy musicians.
Percussion, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes. They will thrill the public and the castle!!!

In the castle during the day and in the evening in concert!!!
La Compagnie Franche Nouveau
Namur company 15th century.

In animation:
Lighting a fire, how was the fire lit in the fireplace?
And the evolution of shooting against armor, shooting arrows, cannonballs, crossbow bolts.
How did the armor receive its impacts and the man behind this armor!!!
Fight show.

All these activities will be spaced sufficiently apart and distributed throughout the castle to allow distance from the public.
- Chamont Tower
- Large Clairue terrace
- Clairue's second terrace

Three spaces to allow the public not to all be grouped in the same place at the same time.
- High Court
- Large Clairue terrace
- Clairue's second terrace in front of the bar awning